Help us grow our community

If you are interested in donating to NYDAC, first of all, thank you. Your generosity is what makes everything we do possible.

The easiest way to donate is to follow the steps below… I know! This is the easy wayWe’re as perplexed as you.

Start by following this link: Donate Here!

1) Click “Add a Designation” which will open a pop-up window.
2) Scroll all the way down to “Other College of Fine Arts Funds”
3) Click Other, then click Continue
4) There should be an added box to the original page called “Selected Designations” 
5) Add the amount
6) Add “NYDAC” in the box titled “Please specify funds”
7) Press Continue. 
8) Then after they finalize payment, they should send the receipt to: and

Thank you again for your support!