Hey! My name is Zach Fifer, and I earned my Tartan wings as an Acting major in 2016. I am currently a proud member on the NYDAC board, as well as the NYDAC social media coordinator. I find that there are many different ideas of what exactly NYDAC is, and the role it plays in our post-collegiate days. I joined NYDAC because of my love for the CMU community. Despite all the prep we received in Pittsburgh, when I graduated from school, moving to New York was a scary and intimidating process. Fortunately, I received guidance and support through my connections found in NYDAC. I turned to NYDAC for apartment help, job suggestions, agent and manager questions, farmer market recommendations, and countless other things, basically anything my brain would think of. I realized that the role that NYDAC serves is to provide the resources the community demands, and that is what I strive to provide for our clan. I believe that through a rich, healthy community, we can organize together to create an even stronger alumni clan, one built upon our love for our city, our love for our art, and our love for each other. The more united we become, the more capable we will be in order to provide for each other. There is no question we are already the CMU Mafia; however through a continued open channel of communication between NYDAC and our alumni community, we can continue to organize, strengthen our network, and provide the resources we the people need.

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