Hey there! I’m Thomas; I graduated from the acting program in 2014, and I work as a software engineer in Manhattan.Though I’m no longer acting professionally, I still feel a huge part of my identity is tied up with the community. I get a lot of joy out of supporting recent alumni through NYDAC, and I am writing and producing my own work whenever I can. I love immersive theater and other experimental modes of storytelling. Prior to going full techie, I appeared in Quantum Theatre’s production of Tamara, and I’ve worked with The Speakeasy Society in LA. Last year I launched a podcast called Thomas Tells a Story, the first season of which is a 12 episode science fiction epic set in a fantastical future. I’m also a huge fan of tabletop roleplaying games, and I’m currently in the playtest phase of a brand new superhero RPG I co-created called RooftopsI absolutely love working with Grace and Ben and the rest of the NYDAC board, and feel lucky that I can bring some unique skills to the table. I’m on Twitter and Instagram as @thomascmost. Say hi!

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