Drunk Planet Earth is a live show where a comedian who knows nothing about animals (Stephen Buckley) and animal expert with a very low alcohol tolerance (Brian Morabito) watch an episode of Planet Earth with drinking rules. They add jokes, supplement information about the animals on screen, AND if anyone in the audience has a relevant animal question, the hosts try to answer the question for a shot with our resident fact checker (Mick Szal) keeping them honest. Follow on Instagram @drunkplanetearth for daily stories of deep dive animal facts and watch on twitch every Thursday 8 pm at twitch.tv/drunkplanetearth 

Brian Morabito is a comedian and actor who has been featured on Comedy Central, the Oxygen Network, and multiple national commercials. A member of two house teams at UCBTNY, Brian hosts shows including Drunk Planet Earth and Pepper in the Jokes, a stand up show in the basement of a Thai restaurant.

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