Hi! I’m Jimmy Nicholas and I’m a proud member of the Acting/MT class of 2014. I wanted to join the NYDAC board because I believe in the work NYDAC does to help alumni navigate the tough waters of this business. Our strength, as CMU Drama grads, lies in our network and there’s no better symbol of that network than NYDAC. As artists, there’s countless obstacles we face as we come to NYC to carve out a career, let alone the challenges we have to overcome as we continue in the field. I was blessed to have alumni help me navigate those obstacles and I continue to lean on our strong network frequently for support. So what better way to pay it forward than to hopefully help others in the same way, but it doesn’t just stop with me. In order for NYDAC to be effective, we all have to play our part. My hope is that every graduate, regardless of what you’re working on (yes, this includes if you are now working outside the realm of the arts, we want to hear from you too), what credits you have (or don’t have), or what are your pre-conceived notions of NYDAC, you know that you are important and vital to this organization. We’re here for you, to help in any way we can, and the more involved YOU are, the stronger our network can be.

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