Our Mission

The New York Drama Alumni Clan (NYDAC) is dedicated to connecting artists, empowering collaborations, and providing resources to Carnegie Mellon Drama alumni.

We strive to foster personal and professional relationships that span across generations and creative disciplines by engaging, developing, inspiring, and offering opportunities to create with our community, championing all in the process.

What does NYDAC do?

We organize events, provide information and support to recent grads, and celebrate and promote the work of former students.

Come hang with us! Check out our Upcoming Events.

Who are you?

Carnegie Mellon alumni living in the NYC area! You can take a look at the current board here.

How are you funded?

So glad you asked. For more on that, we’ll direct you to the Donate page.

How do I get in touch with you?

Shoot us an email at nydac.contact@gmail.com