Dear NYDAC Family,

I joined the Board of NYDAC because I believe that the organization of NYDAC should be as jaw-droppingly awesome as our alumni base.

NYDAC has floundered over many years and we are working hard to change that.

Over the past couple years we have reorganized. From opening a bank account to updating our database, the NYDAC Board has put in some foundations for the organization to flourish for years to come.

We want to provide MORE¬†career development and MORE networking opportunities for our alumni, a rocking holiday party…things that YOU want to be part of.

This is where need your help.

We have been operating without a budget for the past several year and the Board has been shouldering the cost of all NYDAC events. To keep the organization running and to to be able to provide MORE of the services and events that you count on, we need need your help.

This is why we have just partnered with CMU to begin crowdfunding for NYDAC.
CMU administrators will manage these funds and they will be earmarked for NYDAC.
This will ensure that NYDAC’s future is not tied directly to the current Board, but will be around for years to come.

We have a dream that NYDAC can and will be an incredible resource to all of us.

With your help (at ANY LEVEL) we can make that happen.

I hope you will join me,

Kersti Bryan (Acting ’06)

NYDAC Co-President

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